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Hi! I'm Paul Gilbert of Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Thank you for looking at my website. I like to see a good dog do what he is bred and trained to do. Whether it is a birddog locked down on a covey of quail, a cowdog gathering a pasture full of stockers or even a watchdog keeping the county assesor out of the yard when nobody is home. A dog that does what he is bred to do with passion and a desire to please his master is a wonderful thing. Cattledogs are my passion and what my website is all about. Thanks again, Paul

Mollenhour's Razor X Cattlemaster Maggie
Zack is owned by Dave Mollenhour and is handled by me. Zack is a big powerful dog that will also head or heel a cow. He has no fear yet handles well enough that we trial him. We're breeding Zack to selected females for $500. Zack was born in June 2002.

Zack turning one at the 2006 West Fork Challenge.
Zack heeling one at a Sundowner Stockdog Association trial.
Boomer is a fullblood registered Border Collie by Gilbert's Bell and Mollenhour's Razor.
Some of Boomers greatest acomplishments are winning the 2005 Sundowner Stockdog Association Champion Novice Dog of the Year,the 2006 LSCDF National Cattledog of the Year, the Tulsa State Fair Open Champion and the 2010 Top Hand Open Champion. Boomer was easy to train and is very easy to work. We're using Boomer to gather and drive cattle. He's strongest on the head but he'll bite both ends of a cow. Boomer's lifetime winnings are now over $20,000.

Boomer wins the 2010 Top Hand Cattledog Trial. It is a very good but tough trial. Rick, Yancy and the crew really have a good thing going. The trial was two days of qualifying with 40 dogs competing for a chance to make the Finals of the top 8 dogs. The finals consisted of a 300+ yard gather of 8 head of cattle, working them through the pens, sorting off 4 and then putting the remaining 4 in a trailer. When it was over with only 2 dogs finishing the course in the 16 minutes allowed, Boomer edged out Brent Daniel's Jethro for the championship. Boomer also won day money placing 2nd in the first go-round. The kennels were well represented with 4 of our former dogs competing in the Open and 5 in the young class. Congratulations to Randy Reed and Cookie (owned by Jan McBride),for winning the young dog class.
Paul and Boomer at the 2006 West Fork Challenge.
Boomer dog breaking some cattle calmly and under control.
Imp. Rock X Wooley's Katy
Bell is a proven producer. She is the mother of Boomer. Bell is extremely intelligent and was very easy to train. She will bite both ends of a cow. Bell was the Sundowner Stockdog Association Open Reserve Champion Dog of the Year in 2004 as a 3year old. Since then, I have used her extensively for a brood dog.

Gilbert's Spook
Spook is a Zack x Belle pup.
Spook has plenty of natural instinct and bite. Spook finished 3rd in the Tulsa Futurity. At the 2010 Top Hand Cattledog Trial, Spook finished 4th out of a class of 20 and won a Tritronics training collar for having the fastest pen time.
Tony X Ruby
Meg is a fully trained dog now owned by Eldon Moore. We will continue to breed her to Boomer. She works with a lot of style and will bite both ends of a cow.

We just got back from the 2009 Sundowner Stockdog Association Futurity. We had a pretty good showing even though we didn't win it. Out of the 10 dogs that made the finals, 6 of them were sired by our dogs. Four of them were out of Zack and 2 of them were out of Boomer.

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